New art in wooden tiles

Few materials are able to establish a very close and organic relationship with people such as wood.Using the latest technologies in hpl + fustek, Kuups makes possible the application of wood coverings in areas of interior with highly level of humidity.

Wood is soul, nobility, aesthetic pleasure, style and history. Kuups is the first company to transfer all the values traditionally associated with wood to environments in which until now was unwise to use this material: spas, private pools, bathrooms, etc.

Specialist in design of wood coverings and floorings for application in indoor with high level of humidity, Kuups emphasizes the luxury of the spaces, the beauty of the textures and the seduction of the senses. A techno Luxury only available for truly connoisseurs, able to perceive and appreciate the aesthetic and sensory that wood brings in such spaces.

An exclusive product, taking advantage on the properties of wood (warmth, comfort, insulation, aesthetics) and using the latest technologies, to create new trends in areas associated with high humidity.

The unique references of Kuups In & H2O ecowood used, optimizes the resistance and the isolation of itself through an extensive system of heat at high temperatures HPL and of phenolic resins and cellulose fibers that make them perfect for use in coverings and interior floors submitted to extreme moisture, such as spas, baths, showers etc.

By combining the 13 formats and 6 different types of wood that are available, Kuups In & H2O allows a high degree of customization and adaptability to any space, style or project. Its application is extremely easy on any surface via common mortars. As in all product brand family, most of the wood used in the manufacturing of Kuups In& H2O comes from sustainable forests and have obtained the certificate PEFC (Pan European Forest Council).

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~ por kuups en julio 13, 2009.


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